ASD3 Logos

Anderson School District Three takes Pride in creating teaching and learning environments for the purpose of imparting World Class Knowledge and Skills into South Carolina Graduates who display passion for the Life and Career Characteristics required to make a meaningful contribution to the community and society as a whole.

Anderson School District Three believes…

  • Students are our highest priority
  • All students have value and can learn
  • Student learning guides our work
  • All individuals are entitled to a safe school environment
  • A quality education with a focus on academic excellence is a right of all individuals
  • A positive support system at home and school contributes to learning
  • Cultural diversity and individual differences strengthen our society
  • All individuals should be challenged to attain their greatest potential
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • Involvement of all stakeholders is imperative for a quality education


Anderson District Three has teamed with the Iva Police Department to have a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to to each school within the district.


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Anderson School District Three
335 West Front Street
Iva, South Carolina 29655
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Crescent High School
9104 Highway 81 South
Iva, South Carolina 29655
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Starr-Iva Middle School
1034 Rainey Road
Starr, South Carolina 29684
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Flat Rock Elementary School
115 Thompson Road
Anderson, South Carolina 29624
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Iva Elementary School
803 SC-184
Iva, South Carolina 29655
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Starr Elementary School
400 Professor Brown Lane
Starr, South Carolina 29684
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