SRO Division

photo by scpolicecruisers

photo by scpolicecruisers


The Iva Police Department's school resource officers (SROs) help educate students and parents about safety issues, while also protecting them and preventing inappropriate behavior on school campuses. These officers engage in three types of activities: law enforcement, counseling/mentoring, and law-related education.

Law Enforcement

Schools continue to be a reflection of the broader community. The presence of officers on campus enhances the perception of safety by students, staff, and the community. The alleviation of disruption, crime, and violence in the schools, through proactive and preventive interventions, enhances the safe and productive learning environment for our students.


School resource officers develop and improve relationships with students through mentoring and counseling. This interaction provides a different insight for students into the role of law enforcement in the community. By providing positive role models, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their community as well as promoting and enhancing acceptable social behaviors.

Law-Related Education

Through interaction in the classroom, school resource officers provide guidance and expertise on many topics. In addition, they are available to provide training and education to teachers, staff, parents, and community organizations. Iva Police Departments SROs are highly qualified professionals who all have at least 5 years experience in law enforcement and are certified School Resource Officers through training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.